Telcordia at 25

Being part of
something from the start is a great experience, one I was lucky enough to have
with Cramer Systems. Early in Cramer’s life Telcordia were the incumbent
competition. While a lot of the good stuff about joining a start-up is the
friendship, varied work and transparency of the organisation, there’s also a
feeling that you’re doing something new, something better than the big

I was pleased to see
in an article at Billing & OSS World that while Cramer were
enjoying trying to stick it to Telcordia (and their acquisition, Granite),
Telcordia were enjoying sticking it to everyone else too. The article gets a
bit PR-ish at times, but even so, I’d love to believe that after 25 years
Telcordia is still a company populated by early-joiners, still innovating, and
still enjoying it.