Open Source OSS – RiverMuse Launched

Yesterday, the RiverMuse team announced the release of their open source fault management platform.

It’s their marketing audacity that struck me when I first happened upon RiverMuse.

Firstly, and most obviously, that name. For those readers without 5+ years in the industry, it borrows from RiverSoft and MicroMuse, both innovators in fault management systems back in the late Nineties and early Naughties.

Secondly, their positioning, which clearly goes after existing customers of MicroMuse Netcool (and subsequent owner, IBM Tivoli). RiverMuse are offering some level of backward compatibility with MicroMuse Netcool, and innovation as an antidote to Netcool/Tivoli  stagnation.

And, it’s open source! Free(ish)! In our industry?!

Can they actually do all that? Bullish marketing. Nice.

Check out the news on the RiverMuse site. Some PR that actually makes interesting reading.

Is this, finally, the emergence of credible open source for OSS?