Telcordia at Sonaecom

At the start of this week Telcordia announced an OSS project… or something… at Portugal’s Sonaecom. Here’s the PR.

Not a bad PR either, as it actually contains some detail. Shock! But please take a look, because I can’t work out whether it’s a new deal or not…

Telcordia products will be used to support Sonaecom’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network to over 1 million customers. Not surprising then that the main product mentioned is Network Engineer, Telcordia’s long established physical network inventory and GIS solution.

All good, but the PR also mentions that Sonaecom have been using Network Engineer since 2001. So, is this a new project? An further license deal?

I don’t know. I suspect Telcordia are just trying to find something to PR in the quiet summer months. Thanks for including a few snippets of detail at least.

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