Tribold and Aldous (Updated)

Tribold have issued a PR on their new sales and marketing partnership with Aldous.

Tribold provide product catalog capabilities, while Aldous sits ‘in front’ with order capture functions.

It’s a sensible match. A criticism leveled at product catalog solutions is that, in isolation, they do not significantly improve service design or fulfillment times. Having to configure all the integrated systems, like order capture/management, billing, automation, activation, e.t.c. means they do not, on their own, revolutionize the speed at which new services can be introduced. Therefore, it makes sense to start providing joint marketing with complimentary products that can also improve new services’ time to market.

This needs to be data-driven. An off-the-shelf integration. When the Tribold product catalog configuration changes this should be reflected in what Aldous provides via its GUI to order capture staff. Aldous key selling message is around reflecting order/product rules in its GUI, and this would need to include options and constraints configured by the service provider’s product managers using Tribold.

The PR isn’t clear about whether an actual adapter between the products exists:

“…global sales and marketing partnership to deliver an integrated solution…”.

Hmmm… I’d say that means they’re pitching a joint-value-proposition today with the solution being delivered by their services teams. I’ll look for clarification…

UPDATE: Info back from Tribold clarifies that there is an out-of-the-box connector with data mappings. It’s configurable where necessary. Which is nice.

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