Tribold 4 – Newer! Customer Focused-er!

News coming out of TMW Americas where I am, sadly, not this year. J E Pullen Limited’s budget wouldn’t stretch to a jolly in Orlando.

But those guys from Tribold are out there, bigging up their products and announcing Tribold 4 (TM. Mustn’t forget the TM).

I was somewhat shocked to read the lead paragraph of the PR stating:

“…new features and functionality based on direct feedback from customers ..”

Actually, that’s rather good. You don’t see that often enough in OSS do you? I mean most OSS companies are busy playing at ‘me too’ or telling service providers what they need. Good for Tribold.

What new in Tribold’s updated enterprise product management offering? Oh, some GUI stuff, some improved configuration methods, more centrally managed stuff, and so on. In short, yes, it looks like the sort of things a customer would have asked for. 

Check out the Tribold 4 press release to find out more, or if you’re lucky enough to be at Tele Management World Orlando 2009, go chat to them; they’re usually very nice folks…