Dropbox – For Confused and Forgetful Mobile Workers

Off topic, but it’s very rare that I recommend a product on this blog. This one has really impressed me.

I work on a lot of files in a lot of different places, and it confuses me.

I work in an office, at home, in the coffee shop and on the road. At each of those location I might be using a different PC or laptop. As a result I have relied on USB keys to keep my latest files with me. But I always have sync issue (which is my latest copy? can I delete files to make space on my USB key? did I just edit the wrong version?). And I don’t always remember my portable storage.

I’ve been looking for an online solution to this problem and my file backup needs.

Dropbox seems to be the one. This isn’t simply online storage of files like, say, MS Office Live. Dropbox syncs files between PCs via online services and keeps an online copy ready for access from any Pc. And saves up to 30 days of versions in case you delete something you didn’t mean to!

Ticks all the boxes. Sync, back-up, online access, online sharing.

Use this link to check out the free 2GB version and get an extra 250MB for using my ‘introduction’ link (I get an extra 250MB too!).

Get Dropbox 2GB and an upgrade of 250MB, free,  here.

Well worth a look for the mobile OSS professional.