It is becoming increasingly apparent that TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) are not sufficiently unique.

Only today there was confusion over WCF (Windows Communication Framework or Worst Case Failure?).

Then there’s COM (Common Object Model or Cramer Object Model?), OSS (Open Source Software or Operational Support Systems), ATM (Automatic Teller Machine or Asynchronous Transfer Mode?), STD (you get the picture…)

No wonder, when TLAs only offer 26^3 (17576) combinations.

We’ve already seen a stop-gap solution with four-letter acronyms: ADSL, VLAN, HTML, SOAP… But that’s just saving up trouble for later, when we will have even more demand for acronyms.

So I propose FLEAS – Acronyms for the 21st Century.

The Five Letter Extended Acronym System offers 26^5 combinations (11881376), which is enough for any industry.

Start using FLEAS today! System license terms are just £1 per letter. ;-)