New (Management) World Order (2010)

After a successful re-working of the Forumville space last year, the TM Forum architects have gone all-out for a re-structuring of Management World Nice this year.

above. The Acropolis in Nice. Home of Management World. Bigger Than it Looks From Here… Click to View

For as long as I can remember there was a slightly uncomfortable split of Expo exhibitors. Most would be in the main show floor, but a small number of folks would be located down a tiny set of escalators next to the geeks (in the nicest sense of the word) running catalyst projects in the Forumville area.

It wasn’t all bad. Being close to the Forumville demos would ensure a reasonable number of passing feet. But I don’t think anyone ever actually wanted to be down there.

Good news though! It’s all been re-jigged and the whole Expo is unified in a single show floor, with Forumville located on the mezzanine outside.

As well as the feeling of belonging, another benefit is that there’s access to some outside terrace areas directly from the show floor. Much appreciated.

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