Sidonis Funding

The start-up in Bath who do stuff with event correlation have just been given some money. No statement made about from how much, but in related news Gregor Logan (chief investment officer, New Star Asset Management) also happens to be joining the board.

Sidonis CEO, Don Keir, says: “Sidonis aims to become a recognized market leader in the technology required to manage complex communications networks and services. This investment will help us accelerate our plans to achieve that, and we welcome the additional experience and insight that Gregor will bring to Sidonis.”

Sidonis comprises a team of OSS and network ops professionals, many of whom were previously involved with Cramer Systems and Amdocs. While communications service assurance is a key market for Sidonis, it’s not their only market. Their StateWise software is capable of being specialized for a range of roles that involve assimilation, analysis and correlation of events.

Here’s a link to the Sidonis funding PR.