TTI have been doing OSS stuff for some time now. They primed in service assurance but occasionally had aspirations to expand in to the wider OSS ecosystem. As it turns out, service assurance has worked quite well for them as they’ve now been acquired by TEOCO (The Employee Owned COmpany – I guess there’s a story behind that name…) who have to-date focused on cost management and revenue assurance, but clearly want to get closer to the network.

There’s many stages at which a telco might want to do cost management. At the contract phase, where they agree on price and availability of leased lines or interconnects. At the planning or fulfilment phase where consumption of these resources is designed. And, increasingly, on a day-to-day, or even more frequent, operational basis when routing steady-state and failure-state traffic on the network.

TTI compliments TEOCO, allowing them ultimately to take their cost and revenue capabilities in to the network and offer more ‘real-time’ control.

Here’s the TTI TEOCO press release.

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