Zoomlar Beta Launched

Zoomlar – Easy-to-use spreadsheet analytics for forecasting trends and predicting outcomes.

A bit of news from my day job: I have been busy over the last three months preparing for the launch of a re-branded, re-packaged product aimed at SME, academics, government and utilities. It takes the clever software we've been using in telco OSS products and makes it applicable to a far wider set of users.

Zoomlar allows you to analyse small or very large amounts of data and solve difficult forecasting problems faster and more accurately. It can be applied to a variety of problems, that fall in to "time-based trending" or "what-if prediction" analysis.

Zoomlar has been designed to be very easy to use. It requires no specialist knowledge and no prior knowledge of analytics, statistics or algorithms. Anyone who can use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet should be able to use Zoomlar in less than 30 minutes.

For the next few months we're running a beta programme. You can use Zoomlar for free during this time, and get online support.

Take a look. If you come up with any interesting use-cases, drop me a line.

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