Evolving Systems Snaps Up Telespree

A little bit of M&A news for your #OSSFriday afternoon. Evolving have bought Telespree Communications who, I must admit, I’d never heard of before…

Quick, Google it… Here they are.

Telespree provide Software as a Service (SaaS) software for on-device service enablement and self-service solutions for wireless service providers. So, more of a CEX, CEM, service-management solution. Seems like a natural addition to Evolving’s portfolio along with their exiting SIM management and more nuts ‘n bolts Tertio-branded OSS.

The announcement is revealing of who Telespree are: “Telespree‘s customer base is comprised entirely of US–based carriers and MVNOs with over 50% of revenue derived from a tier–1 wireless carrier.”

So they’re a local software solution vendor, mainly serving Sprint (presumably, as that tier-1 wireless operator is in their website’s customer list).

More words, mainly about how excited their executives are, in the Evolving press release.

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