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A quick look through the week’s telco news that matters: BRIC, data, Amdocs, and IP-over-Carrierbag…

Telecom’s global revenues to hit $2Trillion and CAPEX up by 6%, reports Infonetics. Spending on networks is mainly in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) with only a slight growth in European telcos’ CAPEX.

Research published by Astellia indicates service provides fail to leverage their data, particularly network data, when making business decisions. 60% of the global operators surveyed “do not have access to the right data and associated tools to make a truly informed business decision”.

Amdocs is identified by two analysts as the top vendor for telco software testing services.

Research & Markets estimates the global OSS BSS market will grow by about 16% year on year, reports Billing & OSS. There’s also some strange comments about how OSS/J will be the saviour of OSS. Hmm. I’m guessing they haven’t actually looked at its specs.

The union representing Telstra field staff estimates up to 80% of the telco’s “disgraceful” copper-wire network pits have been patched together by plastic bags… reports The Grauniad.