CSG International to Acquire bits of Volubill

The much-rumoured acquisition of Volubill has been announced this week with CSGi purchasing ‘key Volubill assets’.

The BSS press has been speculating for a month that Volubill is ripe for acquisition. Apparently it’s an issue of size. While Volubill has the technology they’re not a company of scale which make transforming telco’s BSS a riskier proposition. CSGi brings that delivery capability.

CSGi currently offers revenue management, BI & analytics, customer interaction management so Volubill will fit in alongside their front-office solutions.

BillingView’s insight in to the acquisitions suggests it all good news:

“It is a logical home for Volubill and its technology and everyone seems happy with the deal.”

Aww. That’s nice.

The full press release is here.

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