What is Amdocs CES 9.1? Watch and Learn…

I have already blogged about the new features of Amdocs CES 9.1, and what could possibly be better than my written word? Why, some quality videos of course.

Amdocs has produced a series of YouTube videos providing more information about the new features of 9.1 and a general overview of CES as a whole.

Still pretty high-level, but they do fill in some of the gaps in the published press releases and are so much easier to digest.

Check out the TeraScale video. Apparently it currently attaches to Amdocs Convergent Charging, offering Hadoop-based processing. Great to see out-of-the-box telco big data products being launched. Let’s see it hooked up to some OSS data sources next please.

You can play through the entire series below, or select individual videos by clicking on the PLAYLIST button in the video widget. Enjoy with popcorn and some fizzy drink.