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This week, bigger Big Data, Cisco’s open SDN interface, and award season…

It’s Growing

Ari Banerjee of LightReading has some more hard data about telco Big Data. The headline is that the market for Big Data solutions is expected to see an annual growth rate of 26% between 2013 and 2020 and a market valued at almost $10 billion in six years (for the communications service provider sector). Vendors, jump on this bandwagon now.

Cisco Opens Their Open Interface

Cisco has announced a new open, standards-based protocol called OpFlex. OpFlex is a OpenFlow-alike protocol for software defined networking. Co-authored by Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, and Sungard Availability Services, OpFlex provides a mechanism that enables a network controller to transfer abstract policy to a set of “smart” devices capable of directly rendering network policy on the device.

And the Winner is…?

Pipeline is looking for your nominations for the most innovative communications and entertainment technology things. Awards are dished out in Nice on June 1st to coincide with us all being there at TMForum Live anyway. Looks like you have to pay to nominate your own business but can nominate other vendors and services providers that you think are awesome.

Maybe OSS Line should do an annual award. What do you think?

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