Aria Networks Announces Capacity Planning for Software Defined Data Centres

This week, Aria Networks announced the launch of iVNT for SDDCs: its capacity planning and orchestration software for Software Defined Data Centres (SDDC). Aria’s iVNT software automates the design, build and operation of more flexible and profitable data centres.

The solution builds on Aria’s experience of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) competencies designed from day one into its iVNT (Intelligent Virtual Network Topology) suite.

iVNT models current data centre infrastructure, existing capacity loading and future capacity demand based on historic data to deliver optimisation of current assets across any combination of networking, computing and storage. This drives optimisation of the data centre delivering more profitable service deployments.

For data centres looking to grow or on-board complex cloud services, Aria Networks’ capacity planning tool delivers an accurate prediction of the required infrastructure to ensure delivery of service level agreements and provide data centres with complete transparency over the costs of rolling out new services. Real-time resource reallocation enables a faster service roll out and shorter downtimes for failure conditions.

iVNT for SDDCs is independent of all infrastructure technologies , enabling data centres to understand the most cost effective means to upgrade and extend to the wider area network. iVNT was successfully demonstrated live to customers in conjunction with a partner at the TM Forum in Nice, June2014. Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) were managed on a background of compute, storage and network resources. VNFs were scaled in/out as well as future demands trended and modelled.

Dr Jay Perrett, Chief Technology Officer, Aria Networks comments: “Large networks of data centres struggle to understand how much capacity and infrastructure they need to deploy and on what timescales. Aria Networks is now bringing the predictability, rigour and independence in capacity planning and management to software defined data centres.”

iVNT for SDDCs builds on Aria Networks’ successful deployment of iVNT for Next Generation Networks (NGNs) across several Tier One networks globally including Telus, Verizon and large OTT providers. iVNT for SDDCs enables the largest networks of data centres and providers of complex cloud and web services to confidently optimise complex networks of data centres highly effectively.

Dr Perrett continues: “Effective planning and management of capacity ensures networks of data centres are operating at the highest possible level of efficiency, reducing capital expenditure and optimising assets. This delivers an immediate improvement to the bottom line, ensures that network investment is always transparent and provides a level of control essential in this competitive service driven market.”