NetCracker Does SDN and NFV

You can’t turn around at #TMFLIVE without tripping over a Big Data, SDN or NFV announcement. OSS loves new tech. And here’s NetCracker Technology introducing its new Service and Network Orchestrator solution for SDN/NFV, part of the NetCracker 9 suite. This new solution enables communications service providers (CSPs) to address the complexities associated with managing and monetizing multi-vendor virtualized as well as hybrid networks and services.

As CSPs move toward greater virtualization of their infrastructure, a series of challenges emerge that many existing BSS/OSS environments have struggled to overcome. These include managing the increasingly dynamic nature of the network, enabling network-initiated charging, exposing Network-as-a-Service capabilities and supporting low-latency Big Data initiatives. Additionally, networks likely face a long-term transition period during which virtualized and traditional, hardware-based services and network components must coexist seamlessly.

NetCracker’s Service and Network Orchestrator for SDN/NFV is designed to overcome these and other related challenges and embrace monetization opportunities. It enables CSPs to realize virtualization’s key benefits such as service agility, new revenue opportunities and cost savings. Going far beyond the network-specific aspects, NetCracker’s new Service and Network Orchestrator for SDN/NFV provides:

  • A centralized orchestration catalog that provides complete lifecycle management and rapid on-boarding of virtual network functions while enabling emerging and legacy services to coexist seamlessly.
  • Real-time configuration management, dynamic service chaining, dynamic capacity management and real-time service provisioning to optimize capacity and service resources across virtualized and hybrid network domains.
  • Service lifecycle management to maintain service quality, integrity, flexibility and service fulfillment automation as technologies evolve amidst the transition toward virtualized network states.
  • Providing real-time policy and analytics capabilities that orchestrate and execute complex network and service policies in response to strategic decisions based on live analyses of network and service conditions and events.

“NetCracker is taking a clear leadership position in the service and network orchestration and virtualization arena,” said Sanjay Mewada, Vice President of Strategy at NetCracker. “Together with NEC, our engagements in end-to-end SDN and NFV rollouts have enabled us to bring this robust orchestration solution to market in response to our customers’ growing need for feature-rich and business-focused virtualization solutions.”

Read the the full press release here.

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