SevOne Launches Performance Log Appliance

Are your logs a bit sluggish? Is your wood under-performing a bit? Well, turns out that this won’t help. But it will analyse your network and IT performance data log files… 

SevOne, the leader of scalable performance monitoring solutions, announced it provided a first look at the new SevOne Performance Log Appliance at Gartner’s IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit, Orlando, Florida.

With the introduction of the Performance Log Appliance, SevOne demonstrates that log analytics does not have to require a significant amount of time, effort, and education on behalf of network and IT operations teams in order to deliver rapid time to value. The SevOne Performance Log Appliance was built to reduce troubleshooting time and provide users with proactive alerts of potential network and data center performance issues, based on real-time log analysis.

The SevOne Performance Log Appliance is a result of the March, 2014 acquisition of RapidEngines.

For the full press release, go here.

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