Threes Videos to Watch This Friday

Videos. The quickest and sometimes cheesiest way to get the latest thinking on OSS topics. In this post we have three short videos from three leading OSS companies.

Young Couple Enjoy Multiplays

It’s another communications-enabled love story from Amdocs (oops, spoiler). That and the production values.

OSS/BSS Agility Formula

Paolo Filetti, from Ericsson, discusses how OSS/BSS can become more agile. As for the tagline ‘ecosystematic’, I like to think it was inspired by my rebranding Ericordia/Telicsson back when they bought Telcordia…

Big Data Noir

The video title says Making Data Beautiful, the production style is Nordic Noir. Well, it works for me. Matti Aksela of Comptel Corporation explains the company’s approach for allowing CSPs to better determine customers’ needs, wants, likes and dislikes using predictive modelling.