Aria Networks Announces SD-WAN Optimizer

Aria Networks announces its SD-WAN optimizer for capacity planning and orchestration of Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN). Aria Networks’ SD-WAN software automates the management and control of WAN functionality for network operators and service providers.

Aria Networks’ SD-WAN optimizer models complex networks every five minutes to provide service providers with a current view of the network and traffic for each of the following purposes:

  • Network assets and infrastructure planning: enabling service providers to model the impact of new services on the network to design and built out the most efficient infrastructure and to determine the cost of service delivery
  • High watermark of traffic: enabling service providers to model the impact of network builds and revisions for special events and to manage the traffic for an optimal customer experience
  • Network Operations: enabling service providers to view current traffic and service utilization on the network in real time for operational purposes to minimize the impact of failures and to react fast to unusual traffic patterns.

Uniquely to Aria Networks, these models are achieved across all network layers and technologies including multi-vendor networks.

Aria Networks’ SD-WAN optimizer provides a transparent overview of the network, enabling service providers to design, build and operate more profitable networks and to effectively plan the impact of new services on existing network architecture. The SD-WAN optimizer enables service providers to optimise data traffic routing, plan new service deployments, support and automate engineering and operation works and re-assign services and re-route traffic in the event of a network infrastructure failure.

Dr Jay Perrett, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Aria Networks comments: “Automating network functionality drives more profitable networks. However this is not possible without an overview of the assets available across increasingly complex networks. Aria Networks’ SD-WAN software delivers a real time, patented, vendor-agnostic overview of networks so that they can be managed and optimised more effectively, providing network managers with a series of options to manage the network or to automate responses to different scenarios.”

Aria Networks’ SD-WAN optimizer works with Aria’s other products including its iVNT Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) solution in a one-platform approach, enabling increasingly complex networks to move towards a software defined future.

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