NetCracker Real-Time Analytics Solution Wins Award

NetCracker Technology has announced that its Real-Time Analytics solution received the award for the Best Analytics for Network Management at the Broadband Traffic Management Summit hosted by Informa.

This award highlights NetCracker’s expertise in the communications market and its understanding of the importance of real-time information management capabilities, which rank high on the list of priorities for service providers around the world.

The NetCracker Real-Time Analytics solution can manage large volumes of continuous traffic on a single commodity server. It enables communications service providers (CSPs) to detect application and network performance challenges, identify the root causes of those issues and perform capacity planning in real time. These capabilities mean that CSPs can quickly reallocate bandwidth resources, identify security complications and optimize data flow quickly and efficiently.

“The emergence of network virtualization, as well as next-generation devices and applications, has created the need for CSPs to detect and resolve issues in real time,” said Sanjay Mewada, Vice President of Strategy at NetCracker. “The NetCracker Real-Time Analytics solution gives CSPs the unique ability to optimize network performance without disrupting operations, regardless of what is impacting the environment.”

The NetCracker Real-Time Analytics solution provides CSPs with the insight needed to improve quality of experience for end-users, facilitate service outage resolution and identify unique ways to optimize end-to-end performance.

The NetCracker Real-Time Analytics solution also enables CSPs to improve failure management and acquire insight into best practices for balancing maximum performance and optimal costs. This gives CSPs a critical advantage over competitors that do not have real-time insight into their network services or resources.