Ericsson to Acquire Canada-based TimelessMIND Consulting and Systems Integration Company

Ericsson announced late last week that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of TimelessMIND, a Canada-based consulting and systems integration company specializing in operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS). Approximately 30 employees and consultants – based in Canada and India – are expected to join Ericsson.

The acquisition – which is expected to close in the second quarter of 2015 – complements Ericsson’s portfolio of consulting and systems integration services and OSS/BSS products. In particular, Ericsson will benefit from the TimelessMIND employees’ experience of working with telecom customers in Canada. In terms of OSS/BSS products, Ericsson will gain access to a flexible, cloud-based intranet enterprise solution and a rapid software assembly platform.

Sarabjit Sachar, CEO of TimelessMIND, says: “We are excited to be joining the Ericsson team as its global scale and presence will enable us to lend our expertise to a much broader array of customers.”

No financial information was announced by Ericsson. The full PR is here if you want all the generic statements about growth and end-to-end-ed-ness of the solution.

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