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Aria Networks’ Artificial Intelligence used by Facebook, maybe Apple

“Well, it was on the agenda at the TMF event that we would do a joint presentation with Facebook, and I can confirm Facebook are a client.

[As for Apple] It would be wrong for me to comment, but we are working with a very large OTT provider who offers a variety of services including streaming services…”

Steve Newton, CEO of Aria Networks, tries not to talk too much about two major customers in an interview with Vanilla Plus.

As enterprise networks get bigger, become global, is there really any difference between enterprise and carrier-class OSS?

“One of the OTT vendors we work with asked us to model the internet. It was their network, their data centres, and approaching 50,000 ISPs (internet service providers), and 500,000 BGP (border gateway protocol) prefixes….”

Via Vanilla+.