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Tieto and Ontology Partner Transition Tier-1’s NOCs to SOCs

The Partnership between Tieto and Ontology Systems has led to a wide scale transformation project with one of the largest Tier 1s in the Nordics.

“Tieto is a wonderful partner for Ontology.  Our customer has deep confidence in Tieto’s professionalism, and our own experience of their team is that it is exemplary,” commented Benedict Enweani, Ontology’s CEO, “this market validation of Tieto as a fully trained, turn-key delivery partner means that Ontology’s revolutionary technology is now locally available to even more CSPs.”

By deploying Ontology’s innovative real-time inventory and topology product, which is based on graph-data and semantic modelling, Tieto is delivering dynamic Change and Service Impact Analysis capabilities which are part of the strategic service operations transformation of a large number of individual OpCos which are being concurrently consolidated to use a single Global Service Assurance Centre.

Service-centric operations are important because they enable proactive customer and service assurance for a wide array of digital and communications services.  Centralised processes are driven by Ontology’s dynamic, cross-network-domain model of dependencies that includes practically all technologies, services and customers to provide consolidation and extreme accuracy.  This linked-data model is easily accessed via either an intuitive search interface or programmatically through an API, allowing personnel and systems to acquire accurate knowledge of  customers, services, regions and trouble tickets with unprecedented ease.  Automated dynamic and real-time service-centric analysis means that customer service representatives are far better informed, can be proactive and are therefore more helpful and credible to their customers.  This directly impacts the bottom line by resulting in quicker dispute resolution, faster provisioning, happier customers and increased up-sell revenue.

Anna Brodd Strategic Partner Manager, Tieto commented:

“This partnership is aligned with our goal of being the leading supplier to our CSP customers.  The Tieto-led transitional journey to enable improved and more proactive customer and end-to-end operations allows us to continue to add value to our communications customers by continuing the advancement of efficient Service Operations that deliver precise customer interactions and a pleasing customer experience.”

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