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Amdocs Introduces aia

At Mobile World Congress, Amdocs has introduced aia, an intelligence platform that implements business logic enabling the ‘self-driving telco’.

A business that can auto-adapt, using real-time data to feed processes and take action. The platform combines Amdocs’ expertise in managing business processes with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities from global partners, including cognitive computing services from the IBM Watson platform.

“Imagine a world where your business intuitively understands your customers’ needs and automatically adapts to address them, where service providers embrace cognitive learning within their operational strategies, boosting customer experience, dynamically managing the product catalog and optimizing increasingly complex networks,” said Gary Miles, chief marketing officer at Amdocs. “aia will make that world a reality.”

Real time data is used by aia to continuously make predictions, automate decisions, and manage conversations directly with customers. With its self-learning capabilities, aia constantly adapts to changing dynamics, achieving optimal business results.

Via Amdocs.


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