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DonRiver Wins Inventory Federation and Assessment Program

DonRiver, a global OSS product and consulting services company, has announced that it has been awarded an OSS virtualization and impact assessment program in the U.S.

The software license and consulting services program will involve implementing DonRiver Fusion to federate network information from NetCracker to provide network planners a single source for network and service inventory to ensure plans are efficiently and timely implemented in the network and ensure that planned network changes do not have adverse customer impacts.

DonRiver Fusion will streamline network planning processes by providing innovative search and reporting, simplified network and service impacts and enriched analytics.

“We are extremely pleased and excited to have won this program and we’re looking forward to helping our customer simplify their OSS with DonRiver Fusion”, says Kent McNeil, Global Managing Director at DonRiver.

The program commenced in November 2016 with additional phases scheduled which will utilize the full suite of DonRiver products to support federated design and provisioning, network discovery and synchronization, data migration and automated network routing.

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