Announcement 640x360 Feb2016

Ericsson Offers Network Management as a Service

Ericsson is accelerating “software as a service” as a business and delivery model for networks and mission-critical management systems.

Built with a new, scalable software architecture, Ericsson Network Manager combines Element Management System, Network Management System and Analytics functions. It manages physical & virtual network functions across many technologies (multiple Radio technologies, Core & IP) and exposes them in a unified manner to operator’s existing OSS ecosystems.

Anders Lindblad, Head of Business Unit IT & Cloud products, says: “Virtualization and software defined networking is transforming the telecom networks and how they are managed. Similar to the on premise Ericsson Network Manager, we believe software as service is another excellent way of delivering and consuming the network management features that brings automation, agility and innovation. As the operators embark on this NFV, SDN and 5G transformation journey, Ericsson Network Manager as a service offers flexibility, and lower total cost of ownership.”

There are now three options available for operators to deploy network functions with Ericsson Network Manager: native with software and hardware; software in customer chosen cloud; and as service.

Via Ericsson.

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