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Ericsson Holds Tight to OSS/BSS

Lightreading considers the sparse details of Ericsson’s restructuring plan and the insistence that OSS/BSS remains strategic for their growth.

There is little doubt that Ericsson needs a shake-up, cutting out non-strategic and loss-making product lines.

Morris Lore of Lightreading explains, “That will leave the company with its vast networks business, which accounted for nearly three quarters of sales last year, a digital services outfit that includes the OSS/BSS product portfolio and a slimmed-down managed services unit…. If the decision to retain the OSS/BSS division hardly came as a surprise, it is one that some analysts find troubling.”

Yes, that may come as something of a surprise, considering the apparent negative effect OSS/BSS had on recent Ericsson results (Ericsson Down 10% – OSS BSS Gets the Blame). But it just goes to show how important OSS/BSS is to delivering network transformation – Ericsson’s core business.

“Ekholm insists that OSS/BSS is strategically important both to Ericsson and to its customers…. And Ekholm believes he can restore profitability here by ditching legacy activities and channeling resources into exciting new areas.”

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