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Netcracker 12 Unveiled

Netcracker has announced the launch of Netcracker 12,  an integrated platform with ‘two-speed architecture’ and innovative ‘agility layers’.

The enhanced Netcracker 12 product portfolio aligns to the business, operational and infrastructure needs of digital service providers. The Netcracker 12 product domains include:

  • Digital Customer Enablement, which uses a multispeed architecture and analytics to enable a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.
  • Digital Business Enablement, which transforms legacy customer, partner and revenue management IT environments into cloud-based, flexible, cost-efficient and digitally enabled business systems.
  • Digital Operations Enablement, which helps service providers rapidly create and deliver new digital, virtualized, cloud and value-added services over hybrid networks. This layer includes Hybrid Service and Resource Management, Infrastructure Management, NFV Management & Orchestration and SDN Controllers.
  • Digital & Cloud Infrastructure, which consists of a range of value-added VNFs to help service providers monetize their investments in virtual infrastructure.
  • Advanced Analytics, which leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and a range of analytics modules that can be applied to internal and external operations for greater insights.
  • Cloud Platform, a microservices-based, cloud-native platform that acts as the foundation for all of Netcracker’s products and solutions.
  • Business, Operations & Infrastructure Agility Layers, which consist of a comprehensive API ecosystem that enables Netcracker 12’s multispeed IT architecture.

An expanded portfolio of professional services complements the Netcracker 12 product suite. It is designed to ensure that Netcracker’s customers have the capabilities, support and guidance they need to manage the complexities of a multispeed IT architecture as they launch digital transformation and virtualization initiatives.

Full announcement, here.

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