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MEF Fills-in for Summer Slow-Down

In a slow-news month we have to turn to the standards bodies to keep us entertained. MEF talks about talking about SD-WAN.

As every marketing exec knows, you don’t announce anything in the summer months because everyone’s either on holiday or thinking about their holiday. Who wants OSS news, eh?

So… let’s see…

The MEF has announced something. I guess if you work at an industry standards body you don’t get distracted by… sun. They have been busy standardising the language used to describe SD-WAN and standardise APIs for integration with OSS/BSS (via Telcompetitor).

“The MEF white paper released today aims to address this by defining a range of SD-WAN terminology. The goal is for stakeholders to use the white paper as a reference so that they can use consistent terminology when communicating with others about SD-WAN…”

Download the paper here.

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