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DISH of the Day? Amdocs CES 10

Amdocs has announced that DISH Network Corporation will deploy Amdocs CES 10.

DISH will now be able to more rapidly introduce business services and simplify their activation, even in complex business environments with changing dynamics and requirements.

As part of DISH’s transformation of the business customer lifecycle, Amdocs will provide an advanced business and operational support system (BSS/OSS) that integrates all the elements that define the DISH Business experience. This includes delivering the best possible entertainment experience in a wide range of properties with innovative services powered by DISH’s SMARTBOX™ and EVOLVE® set-back box for hotels, and supported by Amdocs CES 10.

“With Amdocs CES 10 as our next generation platform for the business sector, we’ll be able to launch new services and further enhance the customer experience,” said John Swieringa, executive vice president of operations at DISH.

With Amdocs’ agile-methodology based implementation services, DISH will also be able to incrementally deliver new features and capabilities to its business customers with its ecosystem of authorized partners in a far more expedited manner that even precedes rollout completion.

“We are proud that yet another customer has selected an Amdocs solution in order to capture the opportunities presented by an increasingly digital world and rise to a new level of customer experience,” said Gary Miles, general manager and chief marketing officer at Amdocs. “Amdocs will now be in a position to help them further grow their business, servicing the business sector in new and better ways.”

Via Amdocs.

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