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5G Orchestration

“As early as 2014, Axel Clauberg at Deutsche Telekom, coined the phrase ‘zoo of orchestrators’ to describe the mish-mash of management systems vendors were pushing to manage their siloed NFV solutions…. Fast forward to 2018 and these issues have still not been entirely resolved.”

LightReading’s James Crawshaw considers the current state of orchestration and open source, and whether these technologies have fulfilled their promise of enabling SDN and NFV in the real world?

And does OSS/BSS make this vision nay easier to achieve?

“On top of the network orchestration layer, operators are also deploying a service orchestration layer that handles operational aspects not covered by MANO. These include translating and decomposing orders that come from a northbound OSS/BSS into mappings that the underlying network orchestrator can understand. Service orchestration also covers fulfillment configuration and coordination of tasks across multiple domains, such as workforce management, supply chain management, and service activation.”

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