Announcement 640x360 Feb2016

netsapiens Launches Cloud-Native SNAPvantage B/OSS Automation Platform

netsapiens has announced that it is releasing SNAPvantage, a cloud-based OSS/BSS solution designed to help CSPs boost their businesses, streamline their internal operations, reduce operating costs and significantly enhance their responsiveness to customer requests.

The UCaaS industry has been relying on various disconnected business support products to help them manage their operations – that is until now. netsapiens has designed its new SNAPvantage B/OSS platform to automate almost all of a service provider’s operations and customer service processes. The company is confident that SNAPvantage will be a true industry game-changer that will help all flavors of CSPs (MSPs, ITSPs) focus on new revenue-generating activities while automating the rest.

“Our team is always looking to deliver innovative cloud-based solutions that can meet the needs of the CSP industry, now and into the future,” says Anand Buch, CEO of netsapiens. “Over the past few years, our partners have been telling us that they need an automated OSS/BSS platform to let them focus on generating revenues, and thus SNAPvantage was born.”

“We eagerly awaited the development of the SNAPvantage product in order to streamline our older, manual sales, customer service and billing processes,” adds Carlos Lahrssen, CEO of Nexogy, one of netsapiens’ first SNAPvantage customers. “After implementing the final product, we were able to eliminate the high costs of maintaining our old patchwork of diverse business support products. In our opinion, SNAPvantage is the ultimate software tool for MSPs, internet service providers (ISPs) and hosted voice providers.”

Via netsapiens.