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Nokia Rolls Out WaveSuite

Nokia has announced a new software-focused suite of applications for more control over optical networks.

WaveSuite works with Nokia’s Network Services Platform carrier SDN solution and its FlowOne OSS by providing improved services orchestration and operational tools for the optical networking domain.

With WaveSuite, network operators can take their existing optical network assets, including their OSS/BSS systems, and improve them by using either Nokia’s NSP SDN controller or OpenDaylight’s SDN controller.

“So this is an exciting announcement for us because this is from our optical networking group and it’s really a very concerted effort for us to get into the SDN software business with the purpose of solving some specific problems for our customers,” said Kyle Hollasch, director of product marketing for Nokia ION. “You still have OSS/BSS orchestration, but where WaveSuite slides in is an opportunity to jump-start our customers’ ability to use SDN, use this programmable infrastructure that they have invested in and to solve a specific set of problems in the optical domain.”

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