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50 Things Every OSS Professional Knows

We wouldn’t be able to operate without this essential knowledge…

  1. The difference between MBps and Mbps
  2. How to not sound pedantic when correcting someone’s use of B or b
  3. How a landline telephone works with just two wires and no protocol stack
  4. Where not to eat in Nice
  5. You don’t put your phone on the table when in town for MWC
  6. The great stuff you can do with your data if it’s relational
  7. The great stuff you can do with your data if it’s columnar
  8. IP is deeply flawed
  9. When to host locally
  10. When to host in the cloud
  11. One good bitmap editor
  13. The sales team can only open PPT files
  14. The Erlang
  15. Dijkstra routing
  16. An STM-16 frame used to sound *really big*
  17. STS-48 and STM-16 are basically the same, depending where you come from
  18. The difference between a serial port, a VGA port, and a 1980s joystick port
  19. Your users want the solution to look good on their CV, or help them go home on time, or both
  20. How to explain it takes another six months of R&D, even though you just showed them the PoC working
  21. The OSS software industry started as a way to replace TIRKS. It failed
  22. Why your developers don’t want to use Oracle anymore
  23. What Oracle got right
  24. The measurable RoI benefit of new OSS is to business, not operations
  25. The biggest impact new BSS has on your IT is in operations
  26. The cost of free software
  27. The value of a commercial license
  28. You can have more compute resources on your desk today than British Telecom had to run their OSS twenty years ago
  29. The theoretical optimal solution rarely works IRL
  30. Undoing a change on the network is 1000x harder than undoing a design in a database
  31. Microsoft Office is probably the #1 OSS platform
  32. Why you can’t ‘just do it in Excel?’
  33. Enough about VBA to know why it’s evil for anything other than a bit of document formatting
  34. Never attend a meeting on an empty stomach
  35. Never hoard technical expertise
  36. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas
  37. Automated systems working with poor data…. don’t work
  38. But poor data is not an excuse for a failed project
  39. If available data is poor, your highest value project is making something out of it
  40. Parallelising tasks
  41. Whether you process is compute, I/O, or memory bound
  42. When to use synchronous or asynchronous interfaces
  43. The pros and cons of every decade’s fashionable API technology: CORBA to SOA to RESTful
  44. How to prototype a system integration over email
  45. The Mythical Man Month
  46. Joel On Software
  47. When to use Trello. When to go full-Project
  48. The best service stations west of London
  49. The fastest way to transfer through DFW, CDG and DXB
  50. For everything else, there’s The Guide to Modern OSS