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Out Now: The Guide to Modern OSS – 2019 Edition

I am very pleased to tell you that Ciena Blue Planet has become the exclusive supporting sponsor of The Guide to Modern OSS this year.

And more great news: Thanks to their support, the brand new 2019 Edition is free to download now!

The Guide adjusts to the modern challenges of running a network and delivering great customer experience.

Virtualization. Machine learning. New OSS. It’s all in there.

Earlier editions of The Guide to Modern OSS have been downloaded by thousands of readers. With the support of Ciena Blue Planet, The Guide will continue to be a free and independent resource for telco professionals starting out in OSS or looking for a refresher.

A big thank-you to the supporters, draft-readers, and social-media-sharers who have made it possible to reach so many enthusiastic students of OSS.

Get your copy of The Guide to Modern OSS – 2019 Edition, here.