AI and ML Mar19

Blue Planet Machine Learning and the Horrors of Network Management

“The scars” and “that horrible world” are some of the terms for network management, according to Kailem Anderson, VP portfolio and engineering for the Blue Planet, a division of Ciena.

In a ZDNet interview, Kailem explains how machine learning (ML) can help find out what’s going wrong in a network, with less need for “hiring analysts to watch the network, to watch alarms, and to build big strings of rules…”

“Take the example where there is an transponder failure on one of two optical links. That leads to a route change in the multi-protocol label system, or MPLS. The network equipment reports congestion along the IP route as a link shoulders the burden of more traffic, and an end user experiences heavy delays using the network. All these are part of the same problem, Anderson explains, but getting from the user experience to the transponder failure can be a mystery.”

Blue Planet’s solutions “can be trained to identify patterns ‘up and down the stack’ that are difficult to piece together with a rules-based system.”

Read the full article at ZDNet.

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