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Sigma Catalog for a 5G Future

Sigma Systems announces the advancement of Sigma Catalog, the enterprise commercial product and lifecycle management application of the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio.

Sigma Catalog is a centralized product, service and resource catalog, which provides a single point of truth in order to eliminate inconsistencies across the enterprise.

The advent of 5G technology and the Internet of Things will give rise to the creation of an unprecedented amount of data. With the rollout of next-generation networks set to transform the way in which operators create, sell and deliver digital services, the ability to interact with ever-increasing volumes of product and service data will be critical. To meet the requirements of communications services providers (CSPs), Sigma Catalog 8.0 includes user-experience enhancements and brings new capabilities to Sigma’s core catalog product, offering additional features for service providers as they look to capitalize on opportunities driven by 5G and virtualized networks.

It is accompanied by Sigma Catalog Services 3.1, which brings additional rule validation and enforcement extensions, allowing more complex offers to be configured without the need for additional CPQ or order management system logic. Furthermore, with Sigma Catalog 8.0, all configuration tooling is now fully web-based.

Robert Hingston, Vice President of Products, Sigma Systems, commented: “A 5G-centric marketplace is set to change the game as far as the create-sell-deliver process is concerned – and CSPs need to be equipped to not only handle new forms of complexity, but also tap into the opportunities that such technology offers. At Sigma, we are attuned to the needs of the market, with the continuous evolution of our products being informed through mutually beneficial interactions with our valued customers. With the latest iteration of Sigma Catalog, we are enabling CSPs to capitalize on the potential of next-generation technologies.”

Via Sigma Systems.

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