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Bits of OSS News

What’s news? Big data of course, Splunk, Ontology talking business, Amdocs’ recent acquisitions apparently considered an ok-move by the financial markets, and Ericsson thinks BSS/OSS is the future. (more…)

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News of the Week

What else has been reported in the world of OSS this week? NetCracker busy, austerity at Amdocs but Vodafone <3 them, and what if Jony Ive redesigned your OSS logo? (more…)

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Comverse up for Sale

Is Comverse looking for a buyer of their BSS software? Globes has a story about Comverse looking to sell their telco billing unit. This comes a few days after a number of people in the industry received invitations from investment bankers to discuss the potential acquisition of a "premier billing and OSS software company… in […]

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How Web 2.0 is the OSS Industry?

What your peers are doing on the web… I’ve been blogging for just ten months. Facebooking for a couple of years. Twittering, well, I’m still working out why. I am not the lone late-adopter in this industry. Most people in the OSS industry are late adopters of commercial or professional ‘social’ networking. For example, if […]

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TMW Nice 2009 – Thoughts So Far

1. More people than I expected during a economic crash and pandemic alert. The key-notes were very well attended and the expo floor had a buzz about it yesterday. Not the waste-land some had feared. 2. That said, there’s a lot of moderation being exercised. Less fancy toys being handed out at the stands, little […]

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Data Migration and Celona

Anyone with a technical background will have a few pieces of development work they're quietly proud of. It's not something I bring up at parties to impress people, but I myself have fond memories of writing single SQL statements that spread over two or three pages, incorporating those weird table-joins whose syntax I can rarely […]

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