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TMW Week – News From Telcordia (Fellows, OniTelecom Win)

Tele Management World is the time to release some positive PR. Lots  of noise last week, on and off the TMW expo floor, so here’s the first news round-up, starting for no good reason with Telcordia: Tom Forsyth is a Jolly Good TMF Fellow As already reported, Tom Forsyth, Telcordia Director of Marketing, was made […]

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TMW Nice 2009, What’s Hot and What’s Not

HOT! Optimism There's more of a buzz than last year. After the peak in M&A in 2007/2008 last year felt like a career fair with many attendees being more focused on re-evaluating their careers. This year, people are milling around the expo, enjoying the catalyst projects, and talking about technology and business. Maybe its because […]

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TMW Nice 2009 – Forumville

They changed it! Forumville, the area for catalyst projects and demos down stairs from the Expo floor, has been redesigned. In previous years there were a whole lot of booths with racks of PCs and screens. Every hour or so two or three groups would get mic’ed-up and try to shout-over the neighboring presentation. TMW […]

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TMW Nice 2009 – Thoughts So Far

1. More people than I expected during a economic crash and pandemic alert. The key-notes were very well attended and the expo floor had a buzz about it yesterday. Not the waste-land some had feared. 2. That said, there’s a lot of moderation being exercised. Less fancy toys being handed out at the stands, little […]

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TMW 2009 – Day One, Part Two – Including TM Awards!

More updates on the key-note speakers at Tele Management World 2009… To give the ceremony a larger audience, this year the TM Excellence Awards were presented during the key-note session on Wednesday morning. With no fan-fare, here are the winners! Supplier or System Integrator Netcracker Service Provider Chunghwa Telecom Distinguished Fellows Tom Forsyth (Telcordia) and […]

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TMW 2009 – Day One, Part One

Ok, updates on Tele Management World as they happen. Comments and summary to come later…. Keith Willetts (TM Forum) and Simon Torrance (Telco 2.0) started the day with an overview of what they thought were the key issues faced by service provider in the current economy. above. Keith Willetts and Simon Torrance with host Tony […]

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TMW 2009 - Day Zero

TMW 2009 – Day Zero

Tuesday, and the forecast rain never really came. It’s a pleasant mid-20’s in the shade, with a cool sea breeze if you’re on the Promenade des Anglais. What’s less ‘cool’ are the costs here for us Anglais. Virtually one Euro to the Pound. Ouch! The tasty fresh fish platters are even more unaffordable now than […]

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The (Slow) Rise of Product and Service Catalogs in the BSS / OSS Industry

I don't think the whole catalog 'proposition' has made much progress in the last twelve months. Today, service catalogs and product catalogs provide essential, if a little mundane, data and business process integration between systems. But done properly, they also have the potential to revolutionize how a service provider reacts to market trends. I'm a […]

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OSS Line at Tele Management World, Nice, 2009

I will be at Nice again this year to enjoy the sights,  the sounds and the smells of our industry’s principal trade show. TMW is a mix of the fascinating and the dull, the informative and the vacuous. It’s difficult to predict what will be of value and what won’t. Some keynotes offer a candid […]

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Oracle Buys Sun

Yesterday Oracle stepped in to purchase Sun for $7.4bn after IBM failed to secure a deal just over two weeks ago. The fortnight wait has earned Sun a tasty half-billion Dollars over IBMs last best offer. Oracle’s stake in Java has shot up in the last 15 months. They always had a fairly well received […]

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