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Amdocs Win at Costa Ricas ICE

Amdocs has announced a new OSS deal with Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, Costa Rica’s national telco and energy company. Along with system integrators GBM (some relation to IBM I believe), they’ll be delivering planning, inventory, discovery, activation, TT, fulfilment and assurance products. That’s a lot of stuff.

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Designing a Standards-Based Application

There are a number of ‘standards’ out there that, as a system integrator or product vendor, you may want to use within your OSS solution. Stuff like MTOSI, OSS/J, SID, 3GPP all look like useful starting points for inventory-like data models and their  integration points. It is important to appreciate the difference between a standard’s […]

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OSS Data Federation, Search and NexGenData

OSS and BSS are data-centric systems, as I am sure you appreciate. Billing records, CRM records and inventory data immediately spring to mind as the classic data silos found in any service provider. Despite the growing sophistication of both OSS and BSS solutions, the problem of managing and accessing this data has got worse in […]

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Comptel Real-Time OSS Benchmark with IBM

Comptel this week issued a PR about their recent benchmark results with IBM. It's a bit different from the Cramer OSS benchmark I wrote about a few weeks back when looking at a new BSS benchmark, also on IBM kit. For starters, Comptel's transactions are more billing and mediation than service design and provisioning. Secondly, […]

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NetCracker Win at Intelsat

It says here: "Intelsat, the world’s leading fixed satellite services provider, has selected NetCracker Technology software and services to improve the automation of its service delivery processes." This is presumably addressing provisioning in the 'service layer' as satellite operators don't have a huge amount of fixed line network, not enough to spend much on OSS. […]

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OSS and Data Migration Scalability – It’s Not Just About CPUs

I proudly discussed my finely crafted SQL statements in a previous post about Celona and data migration. The need to invest quite some time in learning a few more SQL tricks and building logically complex and very large single SQL commands (as opposed to conceptually simpler procedural PL/SQL routines) came about because I was trying […]

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NetCracker Turns 15

It wouldn’t be fair to note Telcordia’s birthday but not NetCracker’s, would it? Perhaps due to it being an otherwise quiet time of year for PR, a trend is emerging in announcing company birthdays. This month is NetCracker’s 15th birthday! Woo hoo! Please could someone in Waltham send me some birthday cake wrapped in foil? […]

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More Business for Amdocs OSS at Sonaecom and Rogers

Two wins to update you on… On January 21st Amdocs announced a win for both an OSS and BSS solution at Canadian communications and media company Rogers. The extended multi-year contract will support quad-play services across their wireless, cable and telephony network. On January 27th Amdocs announced a win to expand use of their OSS […]

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Comparing OSS and BSS Benchmarks

  I’m not in a sceptical mood today, despite the grey skies, rain and hail. So as I write about vendor benchmarks you won’t see me using idioms such as ‘take with a pinch of salt’. I have no reason not to believe that OSS vendors’ benchmarks, what few have been published, are anything but […]

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Tribold. Kerching! $11 Million in VC Funding

Tribold have announced an injection of US$11 Million from venture capitalists Intel Capital, DFJ Esprit and Eden Ventures. The PR is here. Light Reading has a good write-up on the boost to Tribold’s reputation from not only being able to secure funding in a difficult economic climate, but also from apparently being sought-out by Intel […]

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