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Definition of NMS EMS NEM Aug2014

What are NEM NMS EMS and How do they Differ?

Network Element Managers (NEM), Element Management Systems (EMS) and Network Management Systems (NMS) all fulfil a critical role in the running of communications networks. But what are they and how do they differ? The Guide to Modern OSS explains… (more…)

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The Definition of OSS and BSS

What is OSS and BSS? Getting back-to-basics can be a challenge at times. How to explain what OSS and BSS mean. Concisely. Accurately. There’s always been debate and opinion on their respective roles. And people can’t even agree what OSS stands for. OSS Line shines a light on this thorny but fundamental topic…

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) are not sufficiently unique. Only today there was confusion over WCF (Windows Communication Framework or Worst Case Failure?). Then there’s COM (Common Object Model or Cramer Object Model?), OSS (Open Source Software or Operational Support Systems), ATM (Automatic Teller Machine or Asynchronous Transfer Mode?), STD […]

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