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Industry Blows Hot and Cold on Service Catalogs

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for service and product catalogs despite the investment in developing products & solutions that we’ve seen in the last couple of years. At Tele Management World, this May in Nice, I talked to a number of people from different OSS vendors. I have to say, some of my optimism, assumptions […]

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The (Slow) Rise of Product and Service Catalogs in the BSS / OSS Industry

I don't think the whole catalog 'proposition' has made much progress in the last twelve months. Today, service catalogs and product catalogs provide essential, if a little mundane, data and business process integration between systems. But done properly, they also have the potential to revolutionize how a service provider reacts to market trends. I'm a […]

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OSS Data Federation, Search and NexGenData

OSS and BSS are data-centric systems, as I am sure you appreciate. Billing records, CRM records and inventory data immediately spring to mind as the classic data silos found in any service provider. Despite the growing sophistication of both OSS and BSS solutions, the problem of managing and accessing this data has got worse in […]

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