NetCracker Win at Intelsat

It says here: "Intelsat, the world’s leading fixed satellite services provider, has
selected NetCracker Technology software and services to improve the
automation of its service delivery processes."

This is presumably addressing provisioning in the 'service layer' as satellite operators don't have a huge amount of fixed line network, not enough to spend much on OSS.

Head End -> MW Link -> A Satellite -> MW Link -> Remote Site. One 45Gbit point-to-multi-point circuit.

Is that about it? I reckon I could model that well enough in Excel.

The PR goes on to say "Intelsat purchased NetCracker’s Resource Inventory, Discovery &
Reconciliation, Service Inventory, and Service Provisioning &
Activation modules…"

So I guess there must be some core network or IT infrastructure being managed with a service delivery component. Indeed, Intelsat have "Unrivaled ground and fiber services" it says on their web site. And "6 PoPs in strategic traffic exchange points, multi-homing Tier 1 IP Nodes… 50 satellites…" which isn't much, physical inventory wise, but they do provide private line, VPN and VoIP services on top. They'll be high-value, need-it-on-in-10-minutes business critical services too, so worth investing a bob or two in OSS.

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