Data Migration – Amdocs and Celona

A couple of months ago I talked about data migration and how Celona is taking a ‘productised’ approach to solving the issues that are usually addressed by bespoke integration. Yesterday, Celona teamed up with Amdocs to deliver a webcast on data migration approaches for network inventory. I was keen to find out what’s new with Celona, and learn a bit more about the nature of their publicised relationship with Amdocs.

If TMF post up a recording on their site I suggest you take a look. As webcasts go it was quiet informative, if you have any interest in data migration issues. It explains very clearly Celona’s approach to what is traditionally an area of the system architecture that is rarely designed well or implemented effectively.

Three key points that made me go ‘ooooh’ and/or ‘hmmm’ were:

Celona provide real-time migration. Unlike traditional systems there's no intermediate database or staging of data before loading. Celona performs real-time in-memory manipulation of the data streams. The key benefit of this is that you can have a legacy and target system both running at the same time on a shared dataset, with Celona doing bi-directional updates. Nice!

Celona’s business model. In my previous blog entry on Celona I ask how they generate reliable revenue streams given the perceived short-termness of migration projects. Someone (not me!) asked the direct question. Tony Sceales (CTO) said that they have a flexible approach selling direct or through partners. He made an interesting point that, usually, there’s an on-going need for migration in the customer’s organization. Once a customer looks at the problems and Celona’s solution, he expects them to want to take their product license and use it on future projects.  For partners, Celona support the concept of ‘migration factories’, where the SI buys the product license and uses it as a basis for selling some sort of value-add migration service. Hmmm… I am still not convinced they’ve provided a conclusive answer to the question. 

Amdocs-Celona relationship.  Celona are part of Amdoc’s partner programme, but it wasn’t something they went in to in much detail. Reselling? Amdocs delivering Celona products? Preferred product status? Who knows. The meat of the relationship is the pre-built adapter that allows Celona to integrate with Amdocs Resource Manager inventory. The only pre-built adapter to a COTS product they’re marketing, as far as I can tell. Dipak Pankhania (Celona Senior Consultant) was keen to stress that they intend to keep this adapter up-to-date as new Resource Manager versions are released.

Celona teased the audience with stories of their on-going project at a major service provider. Naming no names though. Hopefully we’ll soon see some detail about a commercial and project success.

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