TMW Nice 2009 – Thoughts So Far

1. More people than I expected during a economic crash and pandemic alert. The key-notes were very well attended and the expo floor had a buzz about it yesterday. Not the waste-land some had feared.

2. That said, there’s a lot of moderation being exercised. Less fancy toys being handed out at the stands, little investment in newer, bigger, brighter, stands (with a couple of exceptions).

3. The redesigned Forumville is generally A Good Thing, and the coffee shop looks much nicer, with comfy seats, mood lighting, and decent free WiFi coverage.

4. Last year’s start-ups are showing encouraging progress. Ontology are back with a stand and some new PR. Celona, who had attendees but no floor-space last year, are back with meeting rooms, a KPN-sponsored catalyst project, and a hand-full of (yet to be announced) customers.