TMW Nice 2009, What’s Hot and What’s Not

HOT! Optimism

There's more of a buzz than last year. After the peak in M&A in 2007/2008 last year felt like a career fair with many attendees being more focused on re-evaluating their careers. This year, people are milling around the expo, enjoying the catalyst projects, and talking about technology and business. Maybe its because there's no jobs out there….

NOT! Booth-Bunnies

It's not exactly the Motor Show, but there has been an increase in show budget being spent on eye-candy for the predominantly male attendees. Maybe the most affordable staff to hand out product brochures happen to be young attractive girls? I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But models aimlessly stood around just looking pretty… a bit tacky.

HOT! World-Weary Pessimism

To paraphrase two commentators this week: "It seems like TMF is doing the same thing they were doing three years ago, and Google, Amazon e.t.c. have moved things on without them". "We're sitting here discussing the same things we tried and failed at already, and were going to fail at it again before we get it right". Say it like it is…

NOT! No New OSS Start-Ups Here

I know they're out there in the real world, and I know budgets are tight, but it would have been nice to see some of the industry start-ups manning their first tiny stand at the far back-corner of the expo. Next year maybe?

HOT! Start-Up Success

Ontology and Celona are coming along nicely. There's no Cramer-style late-90's growth, but there is steady progress and evidence that they are creating new markets for themselves.

NOT! Give-Aways

Not so much that there weren't any, but the bounty I received from Amdocs (memory key, umbrella, plastic thing, note pad, torch) has left me with no room in my bag for anything else. Any of you vendors want to post me some of your left over prezzies?

HOT! Free Drinks

Thanks to all the companies that supplied their own end-of-day refreshments. Great for those of us with cheap TMW passes that don't include 'cocktail reception' tickets. I particularly appreciated Convergys' chilled beers in their own little stay-cool vest.

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