TMW Week – News From Telcordia (Fellows, OniTelecom Win)

Tele Management World is the time to release some positive PR. Lots  of noise last week, on and off the TMW expo floor, so here’s the first news round-up, starting for no good reason with Telcordia:

Tom Forsyth is a Jolly Good TMF Fellow

As already reported, Tom Forsyth, Telcordia Director of Marketing, was made a Distinguished Fellow of TM Forum.

I’ll leave it to the Telcordia PR to give you the background, and just say: Congratulations Tom.

New Business at OniTelecom

An OSS win for Telcordia at OniTelecom, the Portuguese wire-line operator. The PR covers the usual solution benefits: Reduced expenses, accelerated time-to-market, e.t.c. Basically it’s an inventory-centric fulfillment solution based on the Granite platform.

Despite mentioning time-to-market it’s not clear whether the deal includes Dynamic Service Catalog. DSC is part of the Telcordia fulfillment suite, but the PR focuses on inventory being at the centre of the solution. You know what I think about that

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