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Open Source OSS – RiverMuse Launched

Yesterday, the RiverMuse team announced the release of their open source fault management platform. It’s their marketing audacity that struck me when I first happened upon RiverMuse. Firstly, and most obviously, that name. For those readers without 5+ years in the industry, it borrows from RiverSoft and MicroMuse, both innovators in fault management systems back […]

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Cloud Computing Graph

Creaner on Cloud Computing

Martin Creaner’s blog teaches us the fundamentals of cloud computing, but where’s the TM Forum leadership? The hype and hope of cloud computing continues. There’s an opportunity here, and I’m happy to see more contributions to the debate on how service providers can embrace new architectures. Frequently, though, they lack any meat, or real understanding […]

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Telcordia at Sonaecom

At the start of this week Telcordia announced an OSS project… or something… at Portugal’s Sonaecom. Here’s the PR. Not a bad PR either, as it actually contains some detail. Shock! But please take a look, because I can’t work out whether it’s a new deal or not… Telcordia products will be used to support […]

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Amdocs OSS Win at Telenor Sweden

Amdocs have sold some OSS stuff to Telenor Sweden to manage inventory and automation of their wire-line network. It is worth noting, as the PR does, that Amdocs products are already deployed to manage Telenor Sweden’s mobile network. This new deal presumably adds wire-line network, but it is not clear whether the new project includes […]

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How Web 2.0 is the OSS Industry?

What your peers are doing on the web… I’ve been blogging for just ten months. Facebooking for a couple of years. Twittering, well, I’m still working out why. I am not the lone late-adopter in this industry. Most people in the OSS industry are late adopters of commercial or professional ‘social’ networking. For example, if […]

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Off Topic – Holodeck, Today

Check out this craziness… Has to be the best thing in VR since those massive stereo helmets that promised so much in the mid-90s. The Eon Reality 3D cube looks like a total mind-mess. Where can I try one?

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